For Choice – An initiative for free choice in health


Our initiative was founded in the Czech Republic as a reaction to mandatory vaccination in our country. The government of the Czech Republic enforces the vaccination against 9 diseases through fines and oppression measures against non-vaccinated or not fully vaccinated children. These children are not allowed to attend kindergartens and although vaccination is not required for attending public schools, they are not allowed to attend school camps, summer camps, ski trainings etc. with their schoolmates.

We believe that to follow real democratic principles the mandatory vaccination has to be abolished in all European countries. Enforcing vaccination in infants and children breaches the fundamental rights of any European citizen. Every single person, every single parent has the right to choose if he or she wants to undergo such a medical intervention that consists of injecting foreign particles into their body, necessarily involving a possibility of serious adverse effects. The breach of fundamental rights is even worse as the Czech State is not responsible for any harm caused by vaccines.

We believe the people must have freedom of choice. European countries are democratic countries and any breach of such principles has to be stopped. All the European countries enforcing vaccination should follow the example of those European countries where vaccination is only recommended.